Gemini - May 21st to June 20th

Gemini - May 21st to June 20th


Fragrance: Satsuma Orange and Blackberry


Gemini is an air sign, ruled by the planet Mercury, and is symbolized by a pair of twins. The good twin and bad twin are cliches, but there is some truth to this idea for my Gemini friends. You may seem to possess two different sides to your friends and family. It's not uncommon for people who have known you for your whole life to find themselves shocked and saying, "I had no idea! I never would have imagined that about so and so." That is just the way of the Gemini. 


Gemini, you are the eternal student, loving to learn and discover new things, jumping from one interest to another with joy and pure curiosity. For a Gemini, life is a playground and you are often found running around trying out each and every activity the place has to offer. For some signs, they might only want to play on the swings when they go to the park, but for you, Gemini, you couldn't choose just one favorite activity. You will happily try the slide, the swings, the weird net thing that is always a disappointment, the fireman pole, and so on. 


Mercury is your ruling planet, which means your mind is quick. Think of it like one of those plasma ball lights that create a bolt of lightning whenever you touch it. Your mind has the ability to take you from one place to the next in an instant. Because of that, you also end up with the rep for being scatterbrained and flakey. Sometimes your superpower isn't always understood by the rest of the Zodiac, which can be frustrating and leave you feeling misunderstood. Not everyone likes to do the same thing for their whole life. (Ahem, Capricorn)


It isn't uncommon for you to also be witty. You have an amazing sense of humor and are masters at improv. That's because of the plasma ball. It's just second nature for you to complete those circuits. While you are witty and charismatic, you can sometimes be overly serious, or maybe the right word is introspective? ...Dare I say, a totally different person? Remember the twins?


I worked with a bunch of Geminis once. I liked it. I am a Libra, so we had a lot of air flying around the office, and one thing I appreciated about my Gemini co-workers was the way they tackled the day. It was always fresh, quick, and fun. They never walked into the office and did the same thing twice. Despite the flighty reputation, Geminis shouldn't be underestimated. They are intelligent and so quick to assess and categorize information that sometimes they can believe that there is nothing left for them to know.


It is common for Gemini's to share their vast encyclopedia of information with the people they love, all the time, no matter what the situation might be because they love you. This can be endearing, useful, and also annoying at times, but it's important to remember that Geminis aren't trying to be know-it-alls; they just want to share their vast stores of information with the ones they love. 

The silent Gemini is sort of the same thing as the bitchy Libra or the loud Taurus, it's not really normal, so tread with caution. If your Gemini is quiet and has nothing to say, something is probably wrong. Or, they may be assessing you still to see what sort of a person you are. Geminis are air signs and they will approach their relationship to you based on their quick minds, not their intuition or gut feelings. Gemini would be wise not to forget to pay attention to their heart and gut instincts. It is common for Geminis to unintentionally neglect these important areas of themselves since their minds are always working double time. Sounds cliche but this is true.

I have noticed that it can be common for my Gemini friends to easily slip into a state of worry or anxiety when there are big things going on in their lives. They possess a mind that easily allows them to jump to and from every possibility possible in the snap of a second. I would advise my Gemini friends to remember to stay in the moment and take a break from touching the sides of the plasma ball when this happens. 


It wouldn't be uncommon for people to label you as information junkies, and while that might have a bit of truth to it, you may see it differently. What's the point of life without curiosity, right?

Little kids go through that phase where they always want to know why, and that is your whole life summed up into a pretty simplistic analogy. In fact, you may have already quit reading this and moved on to a whole new website by now.  Or maybe you read part of this and then decided to learn how to make soap. In fact, I may be writing for the earth signs at this point. At least I know Capricorn made it to the end. C'est la vie.


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