Soap Sample Pack

Soap Sample Pack

SKU: 0070

Fragrance: Assorted Scents


These Soap Sample Packs have four assorted slices of soap in each pack. They are usually cut from the ends of soap loaves and vary in thickness. Each sample pack weighs approximately 7 oz or more. No two sample packs will be the same so you never know what you're going to get! This is a great way to try different soap scents and types. If you loved riding your bike to the corner store and getting a grab bag of candy when you were a kid, these sample packs were created in the same vein. 


We make our soap with olive oil, distilled water, coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut milk, sodium hydroxide, castor oil, citric acid, sodium lactate, fragrance, essential oil, mica, kaolin clay, charcoal, and titanium dioxide. NOTE: Not all sample soap slices contain every ingredient listed. 

  • How to use:

    To help your soap last as long as possible, make sure to allow your soap to dry between washes and keep it out of the direct shower stream. We recommend using a soap dish that is designed to keep soap dry.