Taurus - April 20th To May 20th

Taurus - April 20th To May 20th

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Fragrance: Sugar Cookie


Taurus is the first earth sign in the zodiac journey and is ruled by the planet Venus. The goddess of love bestows on Taurus the appreciation of the physical creature comforts, such as food, art, textiles, and entertainment. If you want to impress a Taurus, feed them a good meal and take them to the symphony. If you accompany that with conversation that isn't incessant and superficial, you will win them over.

Taureans get a bad rap for being superficial because they covet their possessions. They aren't superficial, they just know what they like, and if they've gone to the trouble of putting energy into acquiring something special then they will protect what is theirs till the end of days. That includes their family and friends as well. The Taurus in your life will stand by your side through thick and thin. Loyalty is part of their essence.

Taurus is a fixed sign so they don't usually appreciate change unless they are the ones who create the change. They can get stuck in ruts. The stubborn label is oftentimes true, but it is also one of their best traits. You can't push a Taurus around. It would take an act of God to get a Taurus to turn on a dime once they have made up their mind. Taureans are strong, sensual, practical, and sentimental. They tend to do things slowly and methodically. They have a strength about them that is unassuming, yet loud at the same time.

Taureans will wield their endless energy stores like superheroes. When everyone else is suffering from exhaustion, Taurus will still be working and they'll be back the next morning ready to get back to the task at hand. Count yourself lucky if you have a Taurus in your life, but remember, don't talk too much about frivolous stuff. Food is serious business, and definitely remember that once a Taurus comes out of their shell, NEVER, no matter what, even if the house is on fire, interrupt them. Just kidding (sort of)!


Our soap is handmade with a luxurious blend of oils and butters and is always palm and phthalate-free. This soap is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Each bar of soap weighs approximately 6.5 oz but because our bars are hand-cut, weight and design will vary slightly.


We make our soap with olive oil, distilled water, coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, sodium hydroxide, castor oil, citric acid, sodium lactate, fragrance, mica, charcoal, and titanium dioxide.

  • How to use:

    To help your soap last as long as possible, make sure to allow your soap to dry between washes and keep it out of the direct shower stream. We recommend using a soap dish that is designed to keep soap dry.