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Frequently Asked Questions 


Monthly Release

I make 6 to 10 soap designs per release. Because cold process soap requires 6 weeks to cure my release dates vary each month. You can follow my social media accounts to see what I am working on and what will be offered in the upcoming release.


I do not ship internationally at this time but hope to soon.

Domestic orders ship USPS Priority or First Class mail. You will be provided with a tracking number after your order has shipped. Orders are processed and shipped within 1-3 business days after purchase. Zodiac Spokane is not responsible for lost or stolen packages. Please make sure that your address and contact information is accurate before placing your order. If you notice an error in your contact/shipping information please contact us right away. Once we have shipped a package we will not be able to update or correct your shipping address. Please contact us with any questions and we will do our best to help!


Zodiac Spokane is committed to reducing plastic waste. Our soap is packaged "naked" with an unbleached cigar band label that you can compost or recycle. We primarily use shredded paper and cardboard packaging which makes a great brown material for home compost piles. If you do not compost we encourage you to recycle or save our packing material to use in other applications such as padding for packages or gifts. 


Unfortunately, because soap is a sanitary product, we are not able to resell it once it leaves our headquarters. Zodiac Spokane does not offer returns or refunds for any reason. All of our ingredients are listed on our website and on our labels. Please make sure to check for personal allergens before purchasing and using.

Order cancelations will be accepted BEFORE the order has shipped. Please make sure to contact us right away if you would like to cancel your order. Once your order has shipped we will be unable to issue a cancelation. If you have any other questions please contact us and we will be happy to help. 

Is your soap vegan?

Our products are plant-based unless otherwise specified. If you are Vegan or avoiding animal products please make sure to check the ingredients to make sure there are no animal products listed. Typically the only animal products we use are honey and/or beeswax. If a fragrance oil is not vegan we will list that in our ingredients list. 

How long will my bar of soap last?

The length of time one of our bar of soaps will last depends on the soap recipe, how often it is used, and how it is stored. The average bar will last approximately 2-3 weeks if it is kept dry between uses. We recommend using a soap dish that is designed to keep soap dry. It is best to keep soap away from the shower stream if storing in the shower.

Can I use handmade soap if I have sensitive skin?

Yes! Our soap is formulated to be gentle for all skin types. However, we cannot guarantee that you will not have irritation or a skin reaction. We recommend that you check the ingredients of the soap you are interested in for any personal allergens or known irritants before purchasing. You may also want to test a small area and wait 24 hours before using to see if you have a reaction.

I also try to include an unscented bar in every soap release for people who prefer unscented soap. 

Other Important Information


Activated Charcoal:

Charcoal is a natural way to achieve a deep black color in cold processed soap but the color will bleed into the soap bubbles when the soap is being used. This is not harmful but can occasionally stain washcloths. We recommend doing a spot check on your washcloth fabric before using in order to avoid any staining that may occur. 



Occasionally we use glycerine soap to make decorations/embeds for our soap. Because glycerine soap is a natural humectant, glycerine dew can form on the glycerine embeds in humid conditions. This is not harmful and will not hurt your soap. To avoid this you can store your soap in a well-ventilated area. If you are concerned about the formation of glycerine dew you can wrap your soap bar in plastic wrap until you are ready to use it, but we recommend only using plastic as a last resort. 

Eco Glitter and Mica:

Zodiac Spokane only uses real bio-glitter that is plastic-free and made from plant-based cellulose. It is safe for marine life and will truly biodegrade not just break down into microplastics. We only use bio-glitter when we need to make our soap extra fabulous. Our micas are all vegan, ethically sourced, and cruelty-free. 

If you have other questions that were not covered here please email us at

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