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Zodiac Signs

Your Sun, Moon and Rising signs are often key ingredients to your personality, yet everyone has every sign in their birth chart.  We celebrate all signs!

Fire signs
earth signs
Air signs
water signs
Fire signs
earth signs
Air signs
water signs
Fire signs
earth signs
Air signs
water signs

The Aries in you...

Bold, fun, strong, exciting, great at starting things, energetic, inspiring, the fighter, pioneer,  leader, first in line, independent, impulsive, and courageous.


The Taurus in you…

Loves nature, creature comforts,  good food, slow and steady, solid and reliable, deliberate, loves beauty and pleasure, appreciates simplicity, practical and patient.


The Gemini in you…

Curious, charming, talkative, loves information and books, great at multitasking, the storyteller and enthusiastic learner, playful and fun.  


The Cancer in you…

The nurturer, loyal and caring, loves hearth and home,  food and comfort, sensitive and protective, funny, creative and intuitive, a healer.


The Leo in you…

Generous and dramatic, a natural-born leader, proud and loyal, creative and playful, loves attention and recognition, passionate and enthusiastic.  


The Virgo in you…

Practical and caring, refined taste, ethical and kind, analytical, and capable with attention to detail, loves information, genuine with a desire to serve and help.


The Libra in you…

Artistic with a fine sense of beauty and balance, loves harmony, connection and partnership, romantic, gentle yet strong,  the peacekeeper, diplomatic and fair-minded.


The Scorpio in you…

Powerful and deep, the investigator, resourceful and brave, passionate and magnetic, ability to transform and heal, intense focus, loyal and caring.


The Sagittarius in you…

Fun-loving and free-spirited,  idealistic truth seeker, funny and witty, generous and optimistic, adventurous and friendly, able to see the big picture.


The Capricorn in you…

Practical and responsible, appreciates excellence and quality, disciplined and hard-working, takes care of others, good in business, a teacher, self-sufficient. 


The Aquarius in you…

Progressive humanitarian, eccentric and rebellious, independent, open-minded visionary, idealistic, creative and original, often ahead of their time. 


The Pisces in you…

The dreamer, intuitive and compassionate, gentle and wise, artistic and creative, spiritual idealist, deep appreciation of music, empathic, vivid imagination.

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