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August Soap Release!

Hello, my friends! I feel like it's been a long time. The dog days of summer are in full throw. I hope those of you who are on the west coast with me are staying safe. The fires and excessive heat are really taking a toll. I really love summer so I'm not wishing for winter, but a little rain and just normal summer temperatures would be nice.

This month I have a bunch of fun stuff for you all. First of all, I have a new product! Wax Melts! (Scroll down for the 411.) Right now I am testing out different sizes and scents to get an idea of what you all like. Make sure to drop me a line if you love something so I know not to get rid of it. Eventually, I will have a few "all the time" scents and seasonal add ons.

Let's get right to it and talk about this month's soap release! I'm loving this one, BTW.

From LtoR top row:

Moonlight: This one is scented with a blend of Lime and Ginger and is naturally colored with indigo and alkanet root powder. It isn't as blue as I wanted, but it turned out really pretty and it smells fabulous.

Vanilla Big Bar: I made a small batch of this one since I only had a small amount of the fragrance oil. It is made with coconut milk and lots of coconut oil for big bubbles and lots of cleansing power.

Bakery: This soap smells like freshly baked cinnamon toast. You can smell the yeasty bread and the cinnamon in this one. It smells delicious.

Virgo Aug. 23rd to Sept. 22nd: All right Virgo, let's get down to the nitty-gritty, shall we? You are the second earth sign in the zodiac, ruled by the planet Mercury, which means that if you wanted to compare yourself to fictional alien characters, you would be right at home with the Vulcans. Seriously. Our Vulcan friends are logical, efficient, and organized, value family and home, and are natural problem solvers. Vulcans do not like showing their emotions. Oh, they have them, but if you were hoping to see a Vulcan in a fit of rage, think again. The most you'll get is a stiff back and short one-word answers.

Vulcans are constantly telling their friends and family why their actions are flawed. This is because they love them and want them to know they are about to make a mistake. If a Virgo sits silently by while someone is about to do something stupid without a word or bit of throat-clearing, well, no offense, but they probably don't really like them. This would be literally impossible for the Virgo to do if this was a loved one. This is one way to know your Virgo loved one loves you. Keep that in mind the next time you feel criticized, and instead of being offended, try asking for a solution. You'll be glad you did, trust me.

The thing is, with Mercury being Virgo's ruling planet, their mind is fast, and much like Gemini, they're able to go from point A to point B in a snap while noticing all the potential roadblocks along the way. Where Virgo and Gemini differ is in the details. Gemini is so excited to fly down the path with their winged shoes that they don't care about the roadblocks. They see them but they have more fun things to worry about. Virgo, however, not only sees them but catalogs them, figures out probable ways to address them, and has a detour ready to go by the time they get to point B. I have no idea why this trait isn't revered among the rest of the Zodiac. READ MORE HERE.

Buttered Popcorn: I decided to make this soap after I bought some popcorn from the store and realized how cute a popcorn soap would be. I molded the little popcorn pieces out of soap clay and scented it with the perfect buttered popcorn scent. It reminds me of the movies every time I smell it.

Pacific Northwest: Show of hands; how many of you believe in Bigfoot? I want to believe, so I made this puppy. The Pacific Northwest is the best place to grow up/live. Most of us have one or two favorite things that make us love this area of the country more than anywhere else, but I think we all probably love Sasquatch, which seals the deal pretty well for best place ever. This soap is scented with a blend that is fresh and green. It has notes of pine, cedar, smoke, and sweetgrass.

Apricot: Okay, so this one is an interesting mix of seemingly innocent and just a tiny bit dirty. I got the design planned out and molded a bunch of apricots to put on the top. I made the soap, put the apricots on, and cut this into bars. It wasn't until I went to take pictures that I realized I was staring at a whole bunch of apricot bottoms. One thing this experience taught me is that if you want to expand your children's vocabulary, just make soap and put butts on top of it. You'll have incredibly articulate children in no time. The great news about this soap is that it smells just like real apricots, and if you don't see butts in everything (like I do, apparently) then you'll love the little apricots on top of this beautiful soap.


This has been brewing behind the scenes for a while, months and months to be exact. I had to make a bunch of these, test out each scent that I wanted to use, and then find a way to package them that wasn't in those annoying plastic clamshells. You would assume that wouldn't be too hard, right? Well, you (along with me) would be wrong. Apparently, it is impossible to find a biodegradable solution to packaging something like a wax melt.

I spent over two months researching, cursing, and testing out packaging options. I tried wrapping them in paper bakery bags with cute labels and that was a disaster. It seemed like the perfect solution until two weeks into my testing I realized that the paper was wicking the scent out of the wax. Then I wanted to find a wax paper option that would be eco-friendly and totally struck out. I didn't want to go through all the trouble to find a plastic-free option but then use wax paper that was coated in petroleum-based waxes.

I guess Google must have wanted me to stop searching for "f-ing eco-friendly packaging ideas" and took pity on me because I was suddenly bombarded with compostable options in my searches. The issue I ran into was the cost of the packaging. I doubt anyone would like to spend $100 on a wax melt, right?

Finally, I found a company that had pouches that were certified for home compost piles along with industrial/city compost bins and they were actually not too expensive! It was pretty fantastic. I even bought the compostable labels to go with them so you can just take the entire pouch and put it directly into your compost bin! Pretty damn fantastic, actually. The wax melts are cool, but this packaging is even cooler. I personally NEVER buy wax melts because they always come in those plastic clamshells, and for those of you who are like me, there is now a decent eco option! P.S. I've been testing these pouches in my home compost pile and they are composting! Woot!

Snap Bar Wax Melts!

These melts are 3 ounces and scented with fun and unusual fragrances. Most of these were inspired by the nostalgic summery vibes I was feeling this season. I created these with childhood in mind and labeled them accordingly. All of my wax melts are made with eco-friendly soy wax, are scented with the maximum strength the wax can handle, and are packaged with compostable packaging!

Individual Wax Melts

These melts are approximately 2-ounces. They make a nice option if you have a larger wax warmer or don't want to commit to a larger amount of melts. Each one of these has the same perks as the snap bar melts and also is packaged in compostable packaging.

Essential Oil Wax Melts

These babies are scented with only pure essential oils for those of you who want that aromatherapy spa vibe. All the same stuff applies to these as the other melts; the only difference is the essential oils. Don't forget to compost the packaging so that we can still be friends!

One final thing before I can let you go shopping. I finally uploaded all of the Zodiac Sun Sign sheets that I have created to complement each of the monthly Zodiac soaps. Now you can download and print your own as many times as you want. I am still working on Scorpio and Sagittarius but they should be up and on the website within the next couple of weeks. Take a peek at them all here!

Until we meet again friends! I am wishing you all a happy August. Be well!

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