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March New Moon In Pisces

Every month, my mom calls me to ask if I set my intentions for the new moon. Even though I own a business that has a focus on Astrology, I'm not super "woo-woo". If you are surprised, don't worry, I am as well. I consider myself a little bit "woo-woo" with some sprinkles of witchiness, so If you asked me at the start of last year if I would want to create a business that incorporated the personalities of the Zodiac into my soap craft, I would have probably brushed it off as too weird for me, but... It was around a new moon last summer when my mom called and said, "It's a new moon today! Did you set your intentions for the next month?"

I wouldn't think about it again until months later, but that day I did send a little seed out into the universe. My intention that day was to be open to my intuition and to new possibilities. One month later, things just started happening and falling into place and suddenly I was creating a website, applying for a business license, and designing a logo. Go figure.

New moons are all about beginning a new cycle. At this point, the moon cycle from the last month is finished and is now starting all over again. As each day passes, the moon will grow (wax) in the night sky a little bit each night until it is full. From there, our beautiful moon will slowly decrease (wane) until we can no longer see her light in the night sky. This is the clean slate, the energies from the last month are wiped away and we begin the cycle fresh and clean, ready for a new lunar cycle.

March 13th, 2021 is a new moon in Pisces. What does this mean? Well, the moon represents our emotions and emotional needs in the language of astrology. When you pair that with the zodiac sign that the moon is currently in, you get the emotional flavor of this particular lunar cycle. I like to think of the new moon as the seed that has just been planted. As we move through the lunar cycle the seed sprouts, grows, matures (the full moon), and then slowly wanes into the darkness as we complete the monthly cycle.

Pisces, like the new moon, is the culmination or end of the journey. Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac and the sign that has traveled along with its brother and sister signs to the end. It is in Pisces that we complete the cycle of ourselves. The new moon in this sign is dreamy, empathic, loving, and wise yet playful. This is a wonderful time to allow yourself to focus inward and dream. Set your intentions for the upcoming cycle to allow yourself the freedom to delve into your fantasies and dreams. Swim around in the waters of possibility and catch the yearnings that are deep under the surface. These are usually things we desperately want, but often they are the things that make us feel the most vulnerable and exposed. This new moon in Pisces is the perfect time to allow ourselves to bring them to the surface and really look at them. Don't be scared, Pisces has the ability to see beyond the surface and right to the heart of things. Don't give your normal worries the time of day. This is time to allow yourself to be in the moment with only your innermost desires. After you have looked at them, plant them and see which ones decide to grow over this moon cycle. You might be surprised what takes root.

This new moon is a wonderful time to let yourself settle into the ethereal realm of Pisces. Sleep and dream, create art, listen to music, or go for a long walk and allow yourself to see, not only with your eyes but with your senses as well. Eat foods that nurture and comfort, and pay attention to your emotional needs during this time. Journaling during this cycle would be a wonderful way to harness this energy.

Alright my friends, that's a lot of woo-woo business from me. I hope your lunar cycle is extra dreamy.



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