Leo - July 23rd to August 22nd

Leo - July 23rd to August 22nd


Fragrance: Raw Honey and Orange 


Hey, Leo, hey! It's that time again! Leo season! Whoop whoop! The best time of the year and time for you to get gussied up and plant your feet firmly on the catwalk for the next month. You get to be the center of attention for a little bit, and you have no problem letting the rest of the zodiac signs know that you LOVE it! Leos don't play coy,  they own their awesomeness, damn it!


You are an optimistic darling but you can be just a tad high-maintenance, and by high-maintenance I mean high-maintenance. Ha! It's okay; that's one of your best qualities. This is one of those things that people love about you. In the same way that there are people who adore cats, there are people who find Leo's charming arrogance to be irresistible. You are ruled by the Sun after all. Leos are true leaders and have enough charm that they could lead two groups of mortal enemies to fight the same battle. There isn’t a zodiac sign that Leo can’t charm, but the thing is, do they want to? You won’t find Leos doing something they don’t want to do unless there is a reward waiting for them at the end of all their troubles. 


Leos are a fixed fire sign. This means they are stubborn, opinionated, and pretty amazing at setting their minds to things and then following through with them. Fixed fire energy is strong, steady, incredibly creative, and mentally stubborn. I have a Leo moon, my husband has a Leo moon, two of my brothers have Leo moons, my daughter and brother have a Leo ascendant, and my sister is a Leo sun sign. We are all a tiny bit dramatic, charming, self-involved (at times), will strip naked and give you all our clothes if it would save you from freezing to death, and are really fun to hang out with. The main difference between a Leo moon person and a Leo sun person is how we express our emotions. Leo moons can be slightly "over the top" when they are happy, upset, or sad, and Leo suns can be slightly "over the top" in a general personality sense. All of us are great to take to parties or out on adventures. We love to have fun and we are good at showing people a good time. 


Leos are opinionated; that is just a reality. Good luck getting a Leo to change their mind about any form of opinion they may have. Especially food. They are picky eaters. I have debated this until I am blue in the face. This isn't something that most people assign to this zodiac sign, but it's real. I've never met a Leo who wasn't picky about food. Not one. This can manifest as run-of-the-mill pickiness all the way down the spectrum to outright food snobbery.


I refused to touch certain foods when I was a kid, and my daughter had a whole language centered around foods she didn't like when she was a toddler. To this day she still is super picky about foods that most people love. My sister won't touch condiments and two of my Leo friends have "opinions" about foods they've never even tasted. My Leo moon brother is a chef and fits into that snobbery category I referred to above. I think we should just embrace this in our Leo friends and family. Leos also like to bring you foods that they love. You know how cats will bring you a dead mouse on your doorstep to show you how much they love you? Well, a Leo will set out a silver platter of coveted food with a side of elaborate “oohing and awwing” as it's being served and eaten. You'll eat this meal and feel like you've just been served food in Shangri-La. That, my friend, is the power of Leo. 


Leo loves to shine. You won't find a Leo who doesn't stand out in some way. This could be in their physical appearance, their personality (think the gregarious, outgoing, star of the show), their likes and dislikes. In other words, you will always know what Leo's opinions, likes, and dislikes are. Leo moons are a little more subtle in expressing their opinions, but they will expect everything to come to a screeching halt if they are having a strong emotional event. They will tell you their review on how you handled the event with blunt and bold honesty. This will be relayed to you with a slight air of disdain, even if they approve of your reaction. Think back to cats again. 


Leo's aren't like Cancers when it comes to expressing themselves. Cancers retreat behind their shell if they are overwhelmed or upset, but Leo's jump on the table, knock things off the edge, and then proceed to groom themselves while pretending they don't care if people are looking at them. The catch is, they do care and they have a strong need to be recognized and validated, but they won't want you to act like you know that. Dangle something pretty in front of us and we’ll soon forget that we were upset and will be back to our charming self.


Leo’s don’t usually hold grudges, which is nice. They tend to ignite, but just as fast as they caught fire, they will be cool as a cucumber, ready to be your friend again as if nothing ever happened. This can be confusing or annoying to the earth and water signs since they tend to spend much longer in their various emotional states. Seeing their Leo loved one jump in and out of emotional extremes can be almost too much for them at times. This can ruffle Leo’s fur and make them feel vulnerable (which they detest), but since their natural state of being is in the optimistic realm, they won’t give it too much thought. Leo will decide that if the earth and water signs can’t see their excellence, they’ll just head over to the air and fire sign hangouts. By the time they knock on those doors they’ve already put it all behind them. 


Leo's also are sweet and nurturing people. They are loyal and once they decide that you are a member of their pride, you will be loved and embraced no matter what. Leo takes their responsibilities seriously and will be dependable as long as you are one of theirs. Leos will work hard for you up to a point. Are you appreciating Leo while they are working? Good, they'll stay an extra hour after closing without pay just because they like you and want to help you out. Are you ignoring the great job that Leo is doing? Are you assuming that since you are paying them you don't need to let them know you appreciate their expertly done hard work? The famous Leo loyalty has its limits and this is one of them. Leos are generous. They have big caring warm hearts and if you nurture and appreciate that, the Leo in your life will forever reward you with ample love and loyalty. If you take advantage or don’t appreciate this, then Leos won’t stick around. Period. 


Leos are the leaders (they probably prefer the term king, just FYI), artists, actors, and motivational speakers of the zodiac. They are much more vulnerable than they let on, so make sure not to take their confident air lightly; tell them you notice when they are being awesome and you will have a friend for life. 


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