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Happy Earth Day!

Hello friends! I hope you are well and doing something today that sends a little love to our pretty planet! I am having a flash sale today in honor of Earth Day and the new soaps I added to the shop today! Free shipping on orders of $30 or more today only.

Luna was made on a whim. I wanted to try out a new soap dough recipe that another soap maker created and shared with the soap-making community. I admire her soap immensely, so finding out that her soap dough was the best ever was a great reason to make these pretty moths. I think that fairies and Luna moths probably come from the same place. It makes the most sense. Luna is scented with honey and bergamot. It is rich and sweet with a breezy brightness that will transport you straight to fairyland.

Home was inspired by our planet Earth. I made one of the little Earths that I put on top of this bar and decided to make an Earth Day soap. I originally wanted to have both of these soaps be included in the main April release but they both needed to cure just a few weeks longer than the others. I decided that they would both be the perfect soaps to add to the shop around Earth Day. Sometimes the stars align just right! Home is scented with rosemary and mint and smells wonderful, earthy, sharp, and uplifting!

Some of you may not know that I do a lot of volunteering with a local nonprofit that focuses on bringing awareness about climate change to our community. I have been the volunteer treasurer since we created the local chapter in 2017. I consider this to be the ultimate volunteer gig because, if you know me well, it wouldn't be odd if you wondered out loud how in the heck I ended up being in the same room with math/bookkeeping. Friends, it's worth the sacrifice; it's for our mother, right? Take one for the team and all that.

As you can imagine, the health of our environment and our children's future is on my mind a lot. One of the things I work hard to do with Zodiac Spokane is to be as environmentally conscious as possible. I don't shrinkwrap my soap, I use only sustainably sourced ingredients and my bio-glitter really is 100% biodegradable. No microplastics for this girl!

All the packaging that comes inside your box, with the exception of the thank you sticker and the card inserts, can be fully composted in your home compost bin. The thank you sticker and card inserts can be composted in your city's green waste bin (if you have one). All of the ingredients I use are certified cruelty-free and ethically sourced. I use only plant-based oils and butters, and I keep palm oil out entirely. I probably should mention this more often so you can have fun bragging about how green your soap is. 😉 All joking aside, providing a product that you and I can feel good about is really important to me.

I will be back here rambling away in a couple of weeks, May 3rd to be exact, with more soap and stories from my cluttered mind. Until then, enjoy Taurus season, do something for our dear planet today, and don't forget, Mother's Day is fast approaching and all moms use soap! (Wink, wink.) Don't forget to use the sale code!

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